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Reading in Harburg, Germany: Gymnasium Hittfeld

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Amity - A historical novel

2016 - BC Book Prize

Amity provides a window to the wreckage caused by wars—the destruction and displacement that leave pain and life-long psychological disorders, here specifically within the contexts of Yugoslavia’s dissolution and Iran’s revolution.

Payvand, an Iranian refugee and activist, still plagued with nightmares, meets Ragusa, a Yugoslavian refugee whose pockets are loaded with stones as she prepares to walk into the water and end her life, a life that has become intolerable since the loss of those most dear to her……..

Paradise of the Downcasts

A Collection of Short Tales & Essays

For over thirty years I have experienced all kinds of beautiful interactions with people of all walks of life in this wonderful paradise, Canada.  Concurrently, I have heard of and seen injustices that I never expected to witness here in this beautiful country that never really incited any international war. It’s a nation which has a good social safety system, yet one where so many people must turn to food banks regularly. Many have problems with paying for medications, and some die as a result. There are those who cannot attend or complete university because of inadequate support. And so here, the cruel cycles of poverty keep many excluded, just as in many other parts of our planet. To ponder these problems, I present herein a series of independent short tales.


A Collection of Poems


This collection of poems reflects my life’s learning and experiences from the time I was old enough to know my surroundings; old enough to understand and painfully observe indifferent people and their competitive, egotistically greedy nature.  This disposition leads us astray, for instance into pretending uncertainty about climate change, as if scientists haven’t confirmed the effects of pumping greenhouse gases and other chemicals into our air, land and water.

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Paradise of the Downcasts


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Paintings by: Shigeko Nagashima


The vital essence of life
The embryo of the future
The foundation of existence
Women, mother, daughter and sister
Eradicate them, and there is nothing....

To all my sisters of all colours, all languages/cultuers and all belief... Nasreen Pejvack


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Nasreen Pejvack, author and workshop facilitator